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Confirmed: Conservatives Enjoy College Football, WNBA is Most Liberal Sport
June 28, 2011, Matthew Cochrane


A recent study surveyed different sports fans and broke down each sport’s popularity, political affiliation and likelihood to vote. The bigger the circle, the more popular the sport. The higher the circle, the higher the percentage of fans that actually votes. And where the circle lies horizontally on the graph, represents where that sports’ base lies on the political spectrum. In other words, the more right the circle appears, the more conservative the fan base and vice versa.

Yep, the WNBA is the really the most liberal sport.
I didn’t find too much of this surprising. People who watch the NFL, the Olympics, and Major League Baseball tend to be right-of-center and fans that follow the NBA, tennis, and soccer tend to be more liberal. Some surprises did include minor league baseball and monster trucks, both of which ended up on the left side of the political spectrum.
Here’s the bottom line and a parting thought I would like to leave our friend the Lizard Master: college football, NASCAR and men’s golf are all tied as the most conservative sports. The WNBA is the most liberal sport. ‘Nuff said.

Wait, you mean bull-riding and nascar are conservative sports? hahaha I would also say I am VERY surprised that monster trucks lean left. - Michelle (06/28/11 10:52 AM)

You don't know what you are missing out on with the WNBA.  I openly invite you to the finals party we will have next year.  All my liberal friends and family come over and it's a hoot of a time!

- TLM (06/28/11 11:11 AM)

 hootin lizards

- c (06/28/11 12:27 PM)

Man, I am PISSED that the Rolex Sports Car Series is liberal... I really feel betrayed. I thought I was among friends when I watched it before the Indy race the past couple of years.

- Todd (06/28/11 9:23 PM)

 I was really hoping the NHL was on the lib side.  Would've given me a little pull in why we should never watch it in our home...bummer.

- Rebecca Kachuriak (06/29/11 9:15 AM)

 what about UFC?

- c (06/29/11 12:21 PM)

Since, TLM refuses to post my "Q.O.D.s" over at what is being taken over by the Pseudonymese Subjugation Front, I'll post this one here:

3.) It Was a States Thing First: Independence was not something that was confined to Congress. It started out as a state and local thing. In fact, the very first Declaration of Independence came on Oct. 4, 1774 (21 months before the Continental Congress declared independence) from the town of Worcester, Mass. During the next 21 months a total of 90 state and local declarations of independence would be made. When Virginia declared its independence in May 1776, they sent Rep. Richard Henry Lee to the Continental Congress with specific instructions to put forth a resolution of independence for Congress to vote on, thus allying all the colonies -- soon to become states -- against the British Empire in the War for Independence.  

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/07/04/10-things-might-not-know-about-our-independence/#ixzz1R9lrrsBz

I am really curious about these state/municipal/county/locality declarations but I haven't gone a-googuling for them yet.  There may be some real gems in there/out there.



- c (07/04/11 1:02 PM)

Very interesting, C. I believe, but I could be mistaken, that Pulitzer Prize winning author Joseph Ellis pointed out in Revolutionary Brothers that Jefferson's first draft of the Declaration borrowed liberally from one such document.

- Matthew Cochrane (07/04/11 2:11 PM)

 I just ordered it.  I'll let you know.  Semper Fi, shipmates!

- Anonymous (07/04/11 2:31 PM)

 hmmmmm, where did my "c" go?  Since i'm reposting the comma after "Since," should be after the clause

- c (07/04/11 2:32 PM)

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